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KBH Handball Ltd. (KBH Handball) was founded in January 2013 and ever since the company took over FIF’s license to play handball in the Danish Women’s League, the club has moved successfully up through the ranks – from ninth place in 2013/2014 to fourth place in 2016/2017. The fourth place in 2016/2017 meant a place in the playoffs, where KBH Handball ended up silver medallist and thereby securing the club it first medals ever.
In order to get this far, there are so many things that need to fall into place. And one of the things that KBH Handball focuses on, in addition to practice and hard work, is the player’s intake of energy. Here, the club has chosen Define Energy Drink for players and coaches alike because Define is a natural energy drink, which provides everybody with a clear head at all times.
Improved focus and a mental readiness in the most demanding situations on the court enables us to make the right decisions in crucial stages of the game.
Define is made of natural ingredients such as Guarana berries and grape sugar with no taurin, additives, preservatives or synthetic sweeteners, which is very important to all of us, says KBH Handball.

Mia Blichfeldt

For 4 years, Mia Blichfeldt has been juggling a budding badminton career with a secondary education. However, now she is ready to focus 100 percent on badminton.

In 2014, at the age only 16, Mia became the youngest everDanish champion in Badminton. She is a firm part of the Danish senior national team and every year brings her one step closer to the world elite. In June 2017, she took her first international title. And winning the Spanish International placed her in the top 50of world rankings. In August 2017, Mia will take part in her first senior World Championships in Glasgow. In the long run, it is Mia’s goal to qualify for the 2020 Olympics.

On the subject of Define Energy, Mia says, “I use Define both when I am playing badminton and when I am exercising. Previously, the energy drinks I used hyped me to a certain extent, but I often they couldn’t sustain me throughout a training session. Define provides me with a steady boost, which makes it easier to maintain my focus over longer periods of time.”

Rasmus Fladberg

Rasmus has been a professional badminton player the last 7 years, traveling around the globe competing in the sport he is passionate about.
Denmark has for long been a prominent competitor at the world elite of badminton, being the only western country to challenge China and the rest of the Asian dominance at the highest level.
In 2016 Rasmus won the national championships in Denmark in men’s singles. After this Rasmus decided to take a big decision of switching category to men’s doubles. A huge decision with many implications on a daily basis. Nevertheless, Rasmus managed to step into top 40 in the world after just one season as well as claiming another national championships title in 2017 – this time in men’s doubles as the first Danish badminton player ever in modern badminton to win the nationals in men’s doubles the year after winning men’s singles.
To be able to deliver at a high level in an extremely tight schedule, energy is an undeniable prerequisite for me. My energy level has to stay high if I shall deliver at 100% every day. Therefore I use DEFINE Energy drink to keep my energy level high whenever I need to intensify my focus and energy in competition, training or daily life. The fact that DEFINE is made from natural ingredients and without taurine just clarifies why it is the right and healthy energy provider for me as a professional athlete.


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