Britt Thorhauge

 10 May 2014, Britt Thorhauge 40+ won a gold medal in the category Diva Fitness 35+ Athlete Pro and came third in Tall Class. “The most fantastic feeling I have had in a long time. Finally, I would be able to realise my dream – to help others reach their potential” says Britt. She has an incredibly strong personality and has experienced things in her life, which made her stop up and think, and today, she helps people through her own company, “SundhedsSpiralen”.
She loves to challenge her own personal development and seize the opportunity whenever it presents itself. To Britt, turning 40 was one of life’s challenges and rather than getting depressed, she decided to present herself with a new physical challenge and therefore entered WBFF (World Beauty Fashion Fitness), which is a competition where Victoria Secret meets the world of fitness. This meant a regime of diets and physical training resulting in visible changes.
Britt’s advice to others is to follow your dreams and learn from the challenges you meet on your way.

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