No preservatives:

Define Energy Drink is a powerful energy drink based on natural Guarana (caffeine) and grape sugar. The drink utilises natures’ powers and provides an energy boost without preservatives.
No artificial ingredients: The energy comes from the Guarana berries and grape sugar. An energy drink based on nature’s own exclusive ingredients. The drink gets its inviting colour from carrots and elderberries and contains no artificial colourings.
With 2 different varieties, grape fruit and pineapple, Define Energy is placed between the traditional energy drink and a juice/vitamin drink.


Natural Guarana berries: Caffeine is a supplement that has an effect on your performance and is the only ingredient that actually gives you a kick. Natural Guarana berries provide a constant stimulation, lasting up to six hours.
Grape Sugar: Our energy drink is low on calories as it is made solely from grape sugar. Research has proven that the combination of caffeine and dextrose increases each other’s effects. This combination ensures a longer lasting energy that is not just a sugar rush.




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