BC Hospitality Group appreciates sustainability

Scandinavia’s largest hospitality company, BC Hospitality Group, is looking forward to offering the drink to their guests at the many exhibitions as well as to their hotel, meeting, and conference guests. Allan L. Agerholm, CEO of BC Hospitality Group A/S, explains:

-At BC Hospitality Group, we are working actively with sustainability at all levels in our many businesses and this also applies when choosing our suppliers of food and beverages. Our suppliers must comply with our specific Code of Conduct. In this, we emphasize, among other things, that the products we buy have been produced sustainably i.e. that the supplier has focused on environment, work conditions etc. Consequently, when we looked at our line of beverages at the end of 2015, selecting Define Energy Drink was an obvious choice. The company has proven to us that production has been conducted in an ethical manner and that the drink does not contain artificial flavours or colourings. The product matches our values very well and I am looking very much forward to introducing the drink to our customer, says Allan L. Agerholm.

 Define Energy Drink matches BC Hospitality’s food and beverage strategy

Also Fredrik Sandström, Director of Operations at BC Hospitality Group, is looking forward to seeing the new energy drink on their shelves:

-I have been on the lookout for a new energy drink to match BC Hospitality Group’s food and beverage strategy for a long time. And with Define Energy Drink it has finally arrived! We have guests from Denmark and abroad and most of them have chosen us based on our views on the environment and sustainability. During the past couples of weeks, we have trained our staff responsible for food and beverages so that they will be ready to tell our guests about the drink. The drink will be available in all our hotels, our bars, our new café ORANGO COFFEE, and in the exhibition halls and as the drink tastes fantastic, I am convinced that our guests will welcome it, says Fredrik Sandström.


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